Lift Heavy, Live Happy

Day 320: Thursday November 16, 2017 Happy Friday Jr. everyone. Hope you're all having a fabulous week but if it's been a long one just know that tomorrow's Friday and you've got this. This week has been an even crazier one work-wise but I’m ok with that because my days are going by quicker than... Continue Reading →


Protecting My Positivity

Day 318: Tuesday November 14, 2017 Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far, kicking ass, crushing goals, checking things off your ‘to do’ list, all that stuff. I’m just happy that this week is a short week but my ‘to do’ list is somehow just as long but I’m just... Continue Reading →

Cars, Lights, and Cooking

Day 317: Monday November 13, 2017 Happy Monday everyone. Hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday and starting the week off fresh. This Monday was a treat for me since I actually got it off from work. Even though I was off today my body didn’t seem to get the memo because I woke up... Continue Reading →

Writing the Day Away

Day 316: Sunday November 12, 2017 Happy Sunday everyone. I’m not surprised by how fast the weekend is gone but the fact that we’re already almost half way through November feels a bit crazy. We got a really random freezing cold day yesterday so it feels like winter is already here. I won’t lie I... Continue Reading →

Work, Laughter, and Thor

Day 314: Friday November 10, 2017 TGIF everyone! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week so far, as if it’s Friday already. Despite being sick and feeling tired and crummy (thank you annoying cold/flu thing) the week’s gone by pretty quickly and I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m excited for this weekend because I’m... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday Jr.

Day 313: Thursday November 9, 2017 Happy Friday Jr. everyone. Hope you’re all having an amazing week; checking off goals, learning new things, and having a blast along the way. This week’s been a crazy one with work and running around after work with lots of errands (every day something new, thought never occurred to... Continue Reading →

Marvellous Monday

Day 310: Monday November 6, 2017 Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful (albeit too short as always) weekend. This weekend certainly was a busy one for me and it seemed to fly by faster than usual. This coming week I’m hoping to keep the insanity of work at bay and not get... Continue Reading →

Kittens and Crazy Sundays

Day 309: Sunday November 5, 2017 Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend (even though it’s flying by as usual). Today was another busy day but it’s one I was looking forward to so the busy was all worth it. The nice surprise was that, because of the time change I got... Continue Reading →

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