Day 200: Wednesday July19, 2017

Happy Hump Day everyone!! And not only that, it's DAY 200!!!! How is it already the 200th day of 2017? This is crazy. Hope everyone is having a wonderful productive week.  Today started off weird, not good not bad, weird. Ok correction, less weird, more majorly scatter-brained. From the time I got out of bed... Continue Reading →

Day 199: Tuesday July 18, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Today was yet another amazingly gorgeous day so I say "Thank you" Mother Nature for giving us some lovely summer weather.  Today started off on the right foot, the foot of gratitude, and it was awesome. For my entire morning routine, from getting dressed to... Continue Reading →

Day 198: Monday July 17, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone's had an awesome start to the work week. It was another beautiful day today, thank you Mother Nature for finally giving us Summer weather. Work was insane today. You guys have those days at work where you do a million things but still feel like a hamster on a wheel... Continue Reading →

Day 197: Sunday July 16, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend and if you were lucky like me you had wonderful weather to enjoy it in. It was such gorgeous weather this weekend, and it was pretty much the first nice weekend of the summer so i spent the most time I could outside. Of course this... Continue Reading →

Day 196: Saturday July 15, 2017

Happy weekend everyone. Once again it's wonderful weekend time. Hope everyone's having a fantastic Saturday however you're spending it. Today was a crazy busy day but I absolutely loved it. My day started early because I was meeting a friend to go out for breakfast. So I got up early, got all ready, and headed... Continue Reading →

Day 195: Friday July 14, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone's had an awesome day. Today was another productive one (self high five) in both work and fitness. I'm still riding this wave of feeling super motivated and I am loving it. Work was insanely busy today. I was nonstop doing new tasks, learning new things, taking notes on everything, feeling... Continue Reading →

Day 194: Thursday July 13, 2017

Happy Thursday everyone. Hope everyone's having a wonderful last half of the work week. Today was a crazy learning day for me, and it was AWESOME! I've been soaking up knowledge as much as I can lately and it is changing my life. As you guys know, I'm slightly not so slightly addicted to podcasts.... Continue Reading →

Day 193: Wednesday July 12, 2017

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope everyone's rocking their week so far. Can't believe it's already Wednesday. To be honest I wasn't very productive yesterday. My medical condition is kicking my ass lately and it's been messing with my motivation to do pretty much anything. But today is another day, today is Hump Day, can't disappoint... Continue Reading →

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