Pet predicament 

I love animals. Always have. Only problem is, I’ve never had a pet. Definitely a sad thought, a major dog and cat lover only getting to see them with friends who are lucky enough to have them. 

I have thought about getting a pet countless times but there are just so many factors to consider. First I have to consider the financial costs of owning a pet. I’m just starting out career wise and haven’t found a stable, long term job I can count on for continuous, dependable employment. That alone steers me away from owning a pet for now. I know I could buy the necessities like food and shots but in case of an emergency or spontaneous illness, I don’t know if I wold have the necessary funds. 

Another thing to consider, probably the main thing actually is the type of pet to have. I know I have allergies so an animal that causes minimal allergic response would be ideal. Also, my lifestyle is active and I tend to be out of the house a lot and travel often, so I would feel rather guilty leaving a dog at home for long periods of time. With this in mind I would probably consider having a cat. 

With deciding on the the type of animal I would have to then look at what type of cat to get. For this I would have to research the types of cats that cause minimal allergic response. Next I would have to look into the different types of temperaments to see which one best suits my lifestyle. 

Anyway I see it, deciding whether or not to own a pet is a huge decision resulting in a long term commitment. If I decide to own a pet I will of course start looking at animal shelters. I believe those animals are loving, deserving creatures who just need someone to belong to and love them. In the end, they really are just furry family members. 


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