Ice cream enjoyment 

Like many people, summer is my favourite season. I love the heat. I love checking the weather and seeing 30 plus degrees. I’m always cold so my frozen body can get a chance to thaw in this wonderful heat. Another perk of summer is the array of delicious treats. Ice cream is always a staple at our house during the summer months. I think our list of summer essentials has ice cream right up at the top next to oxygen. With this in mind, needless to say I was thrilled when a new ice cream place opened up right by our place. Thrilled and worried. If it was as good as I’d heard this could be a hazard to my wallet, and my waistline. 

I went with a girlfriend and let me tell you, from the moment I walked in it was as if I had entered an ice cream nirvana. There were gigantic stacks filled with candies and chocolate sauces, tables covered with assortments of fondue gift sets and make at home treats, not to mention the counter behind which housed the delectable ice cream and assortment of dips. The smell alone was a treat for the senses. 

I consider myself an incredibly indecisive person. Leaving me to pick where to eat can take a long while; so having me decide what type of dip to have when surrounded by these delicious choices was sure. test of my decision making skills. Somehow I finally decided upon salted caramel for the dip and my was my choice the right one. 

These dipped cones were unlike any I’ve had to date. They were basically ice cream wrapped in chocolate bars. The dip was so thick and decadent that it was its own dessert unto itself that I got to eat before the ice cream. These ice cream cones are on a whole different level. Every other type of ice cream place is going to have to step up its game. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and I must say that Chocolat Favoris is now top dog. 


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