Giving for the good vibes 

I’ve always been a member of the school of thought that doing good deeds will somehow come back around to you in a positive way.  Regardless of the magnitude of the positive action, you will, in some way or another, receive a corresponding positive event.  This is one of the reasons I donate blood. 

For me, it only makes sense to donate blood whenever I can.  I myself have had many surgeries and consider myself incredibly lucky to have never required a transfusion but it just seems appropriate that I donate to help those in need.  

Although my one single donation is a small, practically negligible donation, if many people consider and donate, we can all together make a huge contribution and save lives.  From having surgeries I have had to wait months before being able to donate again. Because of this I completely understand why some individuals are unable to donate. Medical conditions, illnesses, and fears can interfere with ones ability or willingness to donate and that is completely understandable. 

However, many people make excuses for not donating. Many of us have busy lives and can’t “find the time” to donate. Truth be told, all of us are incredibly busy and that’s just a part of life. What we have to do is simply prioritize and consider what really matters to us. For me, it’s finding time between work, friends, family, and volunteering to help those in need. 

Donating is also incredibly rewarding.  Knowing that my donation has the potential to help save a life is incredibly fulfilling to me. Even though I will never meet the people who receive my donations, it gives me undeniable peace in knowing that I may help save a life. 


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