Lovely long weekend

So it’s been an insane few weeks and I think I’m actually getting a breather this weekend. Fingers crossed but it appears I’ve completed all of those crazy tests you have to write to be considered for jobs nowadays. 

I have a slight suspicion this is going to take some getting used to. For weeks, months now actually, I’ve been studying for all these different tests. Now that it’s over I’ll probably be catching myself panicking, thinking I still have tests to study for. And here I thought studying was over once you finished school. Boy was I wrong. I honestly think I’ve studied for these jobs as much as I studied for tests in school. Oh well, I know it will all work out in the end. 

Having this weekend come at a time when I’m done studying is what I would consider perfect timing, lite. Long weekends come few and far between and I try to squeeze in every possible moment of relaxation that I can, this one being no exception.  

Our family doesn’t do the cottage thing but we love a good, relaxing day at home by the pool. For us, the pool is just as good as being by a lake. We get to swim all day, or lounge in those awesome inflatable chairs and just read a good book. Personally, with my health, I’m not much of a sports girl, making summer sports a mere idea for me. The closest thing I come to doing sports is doing laps in my backyard pool, with or without a noodle. 

Our summers are short enough as it is. Our weekends being over in the blink of an eye. With this in mind I try to enjoy every possible moment because I know how fleeting they really are. So this weekend I’ll be lounging it up in the pool, hopefully with one of those delicious slushy drinks and a good book. Let’s just hope I don’t forget the sunscreen!  


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