Toronto adventures 

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have time off and I was able to take a little trip with my family to Toronto. It’s been years since I’d been there and it was amazing to see all the changes the city has undergone. 

Compared to my hometown, Toronto is a cornucopia of fashion, architecture, community events, and delicious food. Around every street corner is a new restaurant or boutique shop exhibiting a vast array of cultures and ideas. With all it has to offer, there is something for everyone. 

The reason for my little trip was mainly to catch a little action, sports action that is. The family and I were able to catch a Toronto Blue Jays game. It’s been years since I had seen another baseball game live and I loved it. The athletic talent these players possess is astounding to me; this of course coming from a total klutz. The ups and downs of the game had us on the edge of our seats until the very last pitch. All in all it was an excellent game. 

As a little bit of a confession, I’m a coffee snob. I love cappuccinos and lattes when the chance presents itself for me to treat myself; and what better time to treat myself than on vacation. In my opinion, Panera Bread has the best lattes I’ve ever had. Their caramel lattes are to die for. I have absolutely no idea what makes them so delicious but they’ve definitely got the coffee secret. As my trip was only a short one, I only had one Panera latte but it was a perfect ending to a wonderful trip. 

Now it’s back to the work grind unfortunately. Hopefully I can find a similarly delicious drink soon. 


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