And the workout challenge continues

So I can say that I’ve been trying to workout rather consistently for about two weeks now; and I am happy to say that I’m actually noticing a change.  I do notice a physical change in my arms getting firmer and my stomach getting a little more tone. Another thing I’m noticing is the mood lifting effect I’m feeling from consistently working out. All I can think of is that scene from Legally Blonde; Elle Woods definitely knows what she’s talking about.  Working out is making me feel stronger and that in turn is definitely helping me feel good and more confident. I found another workout routine that’s for squats and I’ve incorporated it into my routine with my arm challenge and core workout. I’ve also tried to keep cardio going at regular intervals by taking nice walks every day to enjoy this summer weather since it’s far too short.  I’m hoping to continue this and see what I can achieve and how strong I can really get. 

Squat challenge link: 


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