Change is good 

Christmas is coming up quickly and to my amazement, my university career is coming to an end. Feels like I’ve been a student forever. With this chapter in my life coming to a close I cannot wait to see what life has in store for me. With this change however, sometimes stress likes to pop up and stress me out.  Sometimes it can get overwhelming and trying to deal with all of life’s “fun” surprises, finding something that helps is of tremendous comfort. I was told about this app called Tru reach and it has changed my life. Sounds silly that such a thing as a tiny app can cause such a monumental change  but this has been the case. This app is for anxiety and lays it all out for you in simple and easy terms rather than complicated psychological jargon. It explains steps to cope with your anxiety and provides videos to help your understanding. It is absolutely great. If you’re suffering from any anxiety whatsoever, this app can help.  



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      1. Hi,

        My name is Kate and I’m a freelance journalist in Ottawa writing a story about TruReach and other similar apps. I would love to speak with you about your experience with the app and how it helped you! Please get in touch.

        Hope to connect soon.



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