Makeup mystery

When it really comes down to it, I’m what you’d call a girly girl. I like getting my nails done, I can’t really play sports (I’m a huge klutz so I consider it a service to everyone), I love getting dressed up for special occasions, and I love makeup. 

I don’t wear makeup everyday but that’s more to do with liking sleep more than a perfect complexion. I definitely admire and respect those women who get up early every day and manage to get that gorgeous, perfect makeup look. Whereas in contrast I can bagel get dressed and grab breakfast before I have to rush out the door to catch my bus. 

I completely agree with anyone who describes makeup as artistry. I understand now that makeup is simply a different set of tools that simply used the face as its canvas. I find it fascinating how some people can just look at makeup and see different colour patterns and concepts and how they’ll look on someone’s face and how the colours need to work with that persons wardrobe. 

There are so many different types of makeup I don’t know how people know what half of them are for. I only use the bare basics on a daily basis. For my routine I always use my moisturizer, BB cream, mascara, and lipgloss. For me, as long as I have those I’m good. 

For me, makeup isn’t about looking good for other people. I wear makeup for myself. On days I feel crummy or sick, I usually wear more makeup just to feel less under the weather. If I feel like I look less sick, it somehow just helps me feel better and I’ll take it. 

This is not to say I disagree with women who wear makeup for other reasons. I feel that, since it is your own body, you deserve to do with it as you please. If you want to go all out with gorgeous winged eye liner and colourful eyeshadow every day then you do it. If you want to go fresh faced with a messy bun, then you rock that too. As long as you feel comfortable and happy with how you look, keep your head high, your confidence just as high, and rock what you’ve got. 


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