The power of the podcast 

     I don’t know what took me so long but I have finally discovered the magic of the podcast. I have no idea what took me so long but I had never really thought of listening to podcasts. Music was such an integral part of my life that possible alternative options weren’t on my mind. I will say that discovering podcasts has totally changed my work days. In the morning, now instead of listening to music on my commute, I listen to a variety of podcasts. I love how podcasts are so diverse and carry an immeasurable amount of topics and genres. Podcasts really are like music. 

     Which podcast I listen to totally depends on my mood. I know I haven’t listened that long but I have discovered a few gems. If I need a good laugh I listen to “The Basement Yard” by Joe Santagato, or the “Jenna and Julien Podcast” by Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita. I love that I can just listen without having to pay attention and burn some calories from all the laughter. I’m totally counting the laughing as an ab workout.  

     Other times I feel the need for something new and just the urge to learn something. For occasions like this I go for informative podcasts like “Stuff You Should Know”. This podcast is a wonderfully informative venue, bringing us listeners on a new adventure every week on a myriad of subjects from “how motion sickness works” to “how dementia works” and even to lighthearted topics such as “Our cats episode – right here, right meow”. Anytime you listen you’re guaranteed to feel smarter by the end.

     Whether your interests are television shows, movies, sports, science topics, general knowledge, or nearly countless other topics, you’re sure to find at least one podcast that will peak your interest. And who knows, you just might find one you never considered but become enthralled with. That’s just the power of the podcast. 


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