The work grind 

I am now able to fully appreciate the difficulty that exists in finding a permanent job. Although I just officially graduated from University this month, I had applied to no less than 100 jobs to no avail. 

Fortunately I managed to obtain a temporary contract job and for that I am very thankful. This is hardly the end of the road though. As it being a contract position, as soon as that contract is over I am once again unemployed. However, even while being employed, I continue to job hunt. 

I’ve realized now that a university degree isn’t everything. This job market is absolutely exhausting for new graduates. One thing I wish my degree had offered and what I feel every program should at least offer is coop. I continue to be envious of individuals of whom I hear who went to college or university and obtained permanent employment through their program coop programs. These opportunities are few and far between and I can certainly confirm that jealousy is a green monster far too common in my life these days when hearing about the few lucky ones. 

 I will admit I have considered the idea of my own business but that idea was soon quashed with the knowledge that I have absolutely no artistic or tangible talent that would allow me to develop a successful business.  I suppose I can hope for an epiphany or one of those life altering dreams to give me this brilliant business idea. Until then, I shall continue on my search for the elusive full time, permanent position and hope for the best. 


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