Yoga one that I want

For the past few weeks now I’ve been sticking rather strictly to my workout routines and am finally starting to see results. I’m not a hard core athlete by any means but I fully understand the power of those workout endorphins. After every workout I always feel so energized and accomplished, along with incredibly muscle tired, but it’s totally worth it. And now that I’ve gotten into a regular rhythm of it and it’s routine it’s becoming an addiction. This addiction however, I can totally accept and even encourage. 

For myself, I really started this fitness journey as a means to better myself, mentally and physically. For me this isn’t about losing weight. Of course I would like to lose the extra fat on my stomach, arms, and legs, but it isn’t about seeing a smaller number on the scale. I want to become a strong, powerful woman and be able to be proud of my fitness accomplishments when I look back and see how far I’ve come. 

One thing I’ve noticed from reading up on a lot of fitness experts/ personal trainers advice for staying healthy and losing weight is to ensure variability in your workout to stay motivated and to prevent your muscles from getting used to the same workout. I make sure to change up the muscle groups I workout on a daily basis but I don’t yet have a wide range of workouts to change up from month to month. 

I’ve recently become intrigued by the idea of doing yoga. In conjunction with increasing muscle strength through working out I would also like to increase my flexibility and balance. I’ve also heard of the wonders yoga can do for your mental relaxation and developing a sense of wholeness with all aspects of yourself and that is incredibly appealing to me. With life being so hectic and busy it is rare to find an activity than allows an escape from the hustle and bustle so that one can just unwind and relax. Using yoga for this would not only give my body the exercise it craves but also my mind the peace it needs. I can’t wait to incorporate yoga into my workout regiment and see the benefits for myself. 


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