Fitness Fan

I am by no means an athlete, if anything I’m the polar opposite. For medical reasons I can’t play sports and that might be a blessing for everyone since I’m such a klutz that I trip over my own feet. I do however love working out. The adrenaline rush and endorphins I get from having a good workout are hard to beat. The hardest thing for me has been to try and stay motivated throughout this journey and not get distracted from my goals. Surprisingly to me, social media has been unbelievably helpful in this endeavour. One Facebook page that has been immensely useful for me has been Muscle Nation.

Muscle Nation is a completely new type of fitness community. Unlike simply posting photos of incredibly fit individuals with testimonials of how a certain diet pill or tea changed their life and got them in the shape of their dreams, this community has a holistic approach. Not only are they over a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) but they are responsive to their followers. On more than a few occasions I have messaged a member of the Muscle Nation team concerning a fitness or nutrition related question and I always get a reply. To me that is the true mark of a good business. The people who are a part of this company care about the people who follow it. These people truly care about the fitness journey of their users and want to help make this journey one of not only physical improvement but also of knowledge growth and personal development.

I know this might seem a little random but I consider myself a little bit of a fitness groupie. There are some people in the fitness community whom I look up to with the utmost admiration and respect. Two of those people are Chris Anastasii and Ray Sedrak.  

Chris Anastasii is the co-owner of Muscle Nation. I follow Chris on Snapchat and Instagram and find both extremely helpful aspects of my fitness tools. On Instagram, the personal account of Chris Anastasii is full of samples of the Muscle Nation apparel; as well as examples of strength training exercises. I find the video clips incredibly helpful as they are short yet excellent videos showing the proper form and execution of each exercise. The Muscle Nation Instagram feed has quite a similar vibe to it; with samples of workout clothing as well as short video clips of exercises. Chris Anastasii is also a frequent user of Snapchat. I find that Snapchat is being used as more of an avenue for transfer of useful information. Even though they are only short video clips, I find each segment contains useful, helpful information that only helps me on my fitness journey.

Another exceptionally helpful fitness personnel I follow through social media is Ray Sedrak. The Instagram account of Ray Sedrak is an exceptionally organized and easy to follow account. Each of the three columns has a specific theme or area of interest. The first column has photographs of his progress and athletic journey; the second column has advice related to diet and overall health; and finally the third column has videos of exercises. Each photograph has an in-depth paragraph explanation of the topic of interest for the photograph. There are *athlete insights* relating to knowledge and information Ray has acquired through years of training; *nutrition* information, explanations concerning supplements, overall food choices, the ups and downs of an exercise journey, how to overcome workout and overall fitness related obstacles, as well as explanations for exercises to ensure proper form and execution. These photographs and explanations have been immense tools for me through these past months, whenever I had a question or was unsure of something I could look here to find my answer. Ray is also incredibly helpful through Snapchat. Each story has information relating to his nutrition, exercises, and supplements and how each contributes to his fitness goals. Also, whenever I ask a question on Snapchat, either to Chris Anastasii or Ray Sedrak, they are both more than willing to answer my questions and are always so grateful for my interest and appreciation for what they do.

I am at a point in my life where affording a personal trainer isn’t on my radar and as a result, I’ve had to improvise. For this reason, social media has been incredibly helpful for me throughout my fitness journey. Having such easy access to trained, qualified individuals is an immense help to those of us who want to have a healthy lifestyle and are just starting out and seeking guidance. Thanks to incredibly intelligent and dedicated individuals like Chris Anastasii and Ray Sedrak, individuals like myself are able to work on ourselves with the necessary guidance and help we need to achieve our goals and maintain our motivation through their guidance and motivating words.



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