Caffeine, Cats, and Cheer 

I visited the closest thing to heaven over the weekend, and it was positively magical. I love animals; all fluffy creatures render me a babbling mess of “Aww”s. So naturally when my friend suggested we check out this cat café near us, I couldn’t refuse. 

We arrive, get our coffee and tea, and walk into the café sitting area. It is a quaint little café with about ten tables and even more apparatuses for the cats. You’re encouraged to pet the cats but not if they are sleeping, which I personally believe to be sage advice for felines and humans alike.

The cats at this café are Siberian and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a breed of cat that fluffy in my life. They all looked like tiny little bobcats fresh out of the dryer. They were all perfectly groomed and all cozy looking wandering around the café, jumping up onto different structures scattered around to give the cats exercise. 

For myself, this café was the epitome of the perfect coffee spot. I could set myself up at a table with my coffee and my laptop and get work done. And, when I got tired of doing work, I could find some adorable cat and distract myself with petting it for as long as it would let me.

With its delectable drinks, relaxed atmosphere, calming scenery, and uplifting you feel upon observing these adorable cats enjoying themselves; this café is definitely a must visit. 


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