New job nerves

So I finally did it; after months of email notifications, resumé tweaks, and cover letters, I finally got a job. I will admit that with every new experience I had the expected nerves, but more than anything I was excited. 

This new job is really a chance for me to do something in the area of knowledge I really enjoy. I was also fortunate enough to get a job expecting long term potential. For a worrier like myself, the potential for long term security is better than any one big pay check. 

There are a few things that have my nerves a little on edge about this experience but that’s to be expected. I will be working with a rather large group of people and with that comes challenges. Coworkers are a mystery box in that, it’s hard to find people you click really well with, at least for me it is. As such, I am nervous about meeting new coworkers and developing strong working relationships. 

On a more superficial note, I always worry about wardrobe when starting a new job. For me, “business casual” is one of the most confusing phrases I’ve ever encountered. I mean, does it mean more business and professional, or more casual and laid back? It really does leave much to interpretation and personal style preference. I like to air on the side of caution and go for a more professional look. Dressing in a more conservative, professional manner makes me feel more polished and confident in my abilities. 

Any woman who has to wear professional clothes to work knows the struggle of finding the right power suit. With skirts it’s always: it’s too short, it’s too long, it has a slit, it’s not comfortable, it’s the wrong material, and so on. With dress pants it’s more of the same with a little of: the leg is too narrow, the leg is too wide, the waist is too high, they don’t go with any shoes I own. The struggle continues with suit jackets: it’s too baggy, it looks too casual, it makes my shoulders look too broad, and so on. And don’t even get me started on the never ending array of blouses and tops. 

Needless to say, this job is certainly going to be an adventure. Silly me, thinking that finding the job was the difficult part. Hopefully, as time goes on, the nervousness will lessen, and I’ll get the hang of things. All this to say, even with all my apprehension, I cannot wait to get started on this new chapter in my life. 


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