Gilmore Girls Greatness

If you’re a 20-something woman, odds are you’ve heard of or watched Gilmore Girls. Since its premiere in 2000, the show has amassed a cult following of girls of all ages. The show lasted eight seasons, through which we watched the adventures of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and secretly wished we lived in Stars Hollow.

I’m the first to admit I’m a diehard Gilmore Girls fan. Whether it was relating to Rory as a studious reader who preferred books over parties, or the fact that coffee is basically my oxygen, Gilmore Girls became my favourite show. I was too young to relate to Gilmore Girls the first time around but with reruns when I was older, I was able to watch the show and relate to not only the characters, but also their relationships and challenges they went through.

Having grown up as an only child with a single mom, the relationship between Lorelai and Rory was eerily similar to the relationship I have with my own mother. My mom and I have always been freakishly close. Our age difference isn’t as close as that of Lorelai and Rory but the fundamentals of our relationship are basically identical. My mother and I have never had secrets and are always open and honest with each other. Far too frequently my friends mention how we’re our own sort of Gilmore Girls.  

One central part of Gilmore Girls was the importance of the town in which it takes place, Stars Hollow. Even though it was the main setting of the show, somehow, the town managed to feel like a character we learned to care about as the show progressed. Stars Hollow, as a small town, has so much personality with all of its colourful characters and whimsical town events. The town events of Stars Hollow seemed so fun and quaint that I became envious that this town wasn’t somewhere I could visit. With its dance marathons, hay bale maze, horn of plenty, knit-a-thon, there was never a dull moment.

Another central part of Stars Hollow was its colourful townsfolk. Taylor Doose, the uptight mayor of Stars Hollow is the character we all loved to hate. I think the reason Taylor Doose was such a good character was because we all have people in our lives that drive us up the wall with their “all-knowing, always correct” attitudes. Another memorable Stars Hollow resident is the incomparable Miss Patty. Miss Patty is the Stars Hollow version of a celebrity. Miss Patty’s dance studio is a central structure in Stars Hollow, and Miss Patty is no different. Miss Patty always seems to know what’s going on before everyone else does. With her flamboyant, caring personality, Miss Patty was always a welcomed break of lighthearted fun during the serious times of the show. A key character of the show is Rory’s best friend Lane. Lane and Rory’s relationship is one every teenage and young adult woman could relate to. They cared about each others’ struggles and hardships; they enjoyed each others’ company simply for being together; and they went through all the challenges of growing up as best friends, both together and apart. Having a long distance best friend, watching the friendship of Lane and Rory somehow brought me comfort and helped me feel closer to my own best friend even though we were miles apart. Similar to Miss Patty’s, Luke’s Diner is a central structure of Stars Hollow. Luke Danes is a central character of the show as he is, as Lorelai says, the keeper of the coffee. Luke and Lorelai’s banter is comedic gold and shows undeniable chemistry. All these characters together make up the perfect mishmash that is Stars Hollow, Connecticut. 

Perhaps the most memorable characters of Gilmore Girls were two central characters that lived outside of Stars Hollow, Richard and Emily Gilmore. Should I ever have to compete in a battle of wit, I would unquestionably request for Emily Gilmore as my partner. Throughout all the seasons of Gilmore Girls, Emily Gilmore never disappointed in delivering the most well devised schemes and plots to achieve her desired goal. Even in simple conversation, Emily Gilmore was always sharp as a whip and ready with a quick-witted, brilliant response. Richard Gilmore is definitely the softer member of the Gilmore duo. Although the man towered above everyone else, his bowties gave him a softer appearance, one that more matched his personality. He didn’t speak much but when he did it was something that needed to be said. This duo provided important lessons for us viewers about the ups and downs of family matters.

And who can forget about the boys? Gilmore Girls certainly wasn’t short with its relationship drama. As viewers, we were given a glimpse at the struggles of relationships from both the view of a teenager, and a single mom. As a younger woman watching the show, I found it helpful to see a girl going through the same uncertainties and struggles I went through during my early relationships. From her first love Dean, who let’s face it, we all had a crush on; to Jess, the bad boy every girl has fallen for at least once; to finally Logan, the rich, intelligent guy with all the right answers, we got to see Rory go through the ups and downs of dating and have that sense of camaraderie as we went through the same adventures. Similarly, it gave me a sense of understanding of the challenges dating and romantic relationships can pose on single parents. For Lorelai, we saw her get back into the dating world and the adventures that come with that coupled with having a teenage daughter. Of course, things were more complicated than normal when the man she falls for just happens to be Rory’s teacher. We also got to see the struggles associated with dating your child’s father after years apart. Also, we got to see the uncertainty that comes with developing feelings for someone who’s been around for so long, right when life decides to intervene.

Throughout the years, Gilmore Girls was both a source of comfort and entertainment for me as I navigated my way through my teenage and young adult years. With its revival fast approaching, it has become even clearer that Gilmore Girls has helped countless women and girls and been somewhat of a friend to us throughout the years. With its small town charm, romantic entanglements, and mother-daughter adventures, Gilmore Girls is a timeless classic.


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