(Not) working 9 to 5 

I’ve never wanted a 9 to 5 office job. For some reason I’ve always wanted something different, something always evolving, something to keep me on my toes. Finding this seems to be more of a challenge than I bargained for.   
I’ve always felt an equal mix of admiration and utter anxiety at how individuals can give up their job security to start their own business or forge their own path. I’m a “play it safe”-er. I do chase my dreams but I’ve always tiptoed along the path, too afraid to jump all the way in. It does seem however, that this is the key to success. That to obtain true success, you have to give your all. You have to be willing to put in all your time and effort into this endeavour or it simply won’t come to fruition. And this is what I have to be willing to do if I want to work on my terms. 

One new tool I’ve discovered to help with this journey has been business and motivational podcasts. I’ve discovered that there are podcasts out there done by people who know the tricks of the trade. These people did exactly what I’m trying to do and have incredibly useful tips. I feel like I’d be crazy if I didn’t take advantage of that tool and use it to my advantage. 

Along those same lines, I’ve found some useful books that can help me on this business journey. Two of these books are: The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo and The life changing magic of not giving a f@ck by Sarah Knight. Both of these books give useful insight on how to prioritize your responsibilities and tasks and how to cut out what really doesn’t matter to you and focus on what you really care about. 

I am never one to turn down free advice. I don’t know much about starting a business, scratch that, I know nothing about starting a business. What I do know however, is how to work hard for what I want and persevere until I succeed. For that to happen, I need to use all the resources at my disposal and learn from those who’ve gone before and gained success doing what they truly want to do. If I continue working hard and staying focused, hopefully I’ll be able to turn those ideas for business in my head into a reality I can share with everyone. 


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