Crazy for Caity

Sometimes I find it hard to find relatable role models I can both look up to and feel empowered rather than defeated. Far too often we surround ourselves with media that show unattainable self-image goals instead of inspirational, yet attainable dreams. 

I’m a huge fan of badass women. You know these women; they are strong, self-affirmed, project confidence, and lift others up instead of tear them down. When I think of badass women, one name comes to mind, Caity Lotz. 

Caity Lotz is a queen in her own right but the character I absolutely love is the persona she has recently undertaken, Sara Lance. Sara Lance was the rich girl turned vigilante the Black Canary on Arrow, and now stars as the White Canary on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Through adversity, heartbreak, and personal crises, Sara became a woman I admire, despite her fictionality. 

What I consider a strong, dependable role model is someone who overcomes adversity, gives useful lessons about important topics, yet is still relatable to a wide range of individuals. Sara Lance shows a strength that I find incredibly admirable. What makes her a solid protagonist is that she is the whole package. Her horrible experience being lost at sea and almost dying gave her a new appreciation for life. Being saved and becoming a member of the league of assassins made her physically strong and able to handle herself; a goal I personally am working towards. Now, as a member of the Legends of Tomorrow, her strong sense of teamwork, honour, and doing what is right, makes her the obvious choice for leader. And, superficially, anyone is able to see she’s beautiful. It’s safe to say she’s the whole package. Now if only I could come up with my own badass superhero name. 


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