Relaxation required 

We all have those days. The days where you feel like you and those ancient statues that have been frozen in time for thousands of years have a lot in common. Those days when you swear lazy is part of your DNA. And I’ve learned something as of late about those kinds of days, they’re ok. Sometimes you just need a day to recharge, whether it be physically, mentally, or both.  

With all the things we deal with on a daily basis: friends, family, work, hobbies, and life in general, how can we expect ourselves to be in top form 24/7. That’s just not feasible for any of us, no matter how much we like to imagine ourselves akin to superheroes. When we feel ourselves getting tired from all these things, it is essential for us to take a break, if not, we might as well assume burnout will be the outcome and an even longer break will be in store. 

Taking a break doesn’t have to mean sitting in a ball on the floor avoiding any stimuli whatsoever. For myself, taking a break means taking a break from the things I consider “work” in order to do things I enjoy. I know I sound like a four-year-old saying this, but I love to colour. I find it so relaxing to outline, trace, and colour in a black and white idea into a beautiful colourful image. And now, with all the different types of colouring books out there to choose from, there really is no lack of types of images to colour. For others, relaxing might be sports, going for coffee with a friend, or watching your favourite show on tv. Whatever that may be, taking a break is a smart move when you feel that wave of exhaustion coming in. 

Allowing yourself a tiny break is actually better for the long term. Without breaks, your work begins to decrease in quality and your productivity also begins to decline. But with a break, you can allow yourself to recharge, get new insights and perspective, and go back to your work with a refreshed mind and perhaps even a different point of view. 

So when you feel yourself getting stressed out or overly tired from day to day, find yourself that one thing that allows you to unwind and relax, and get to it. 


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