Pleasantly permanent 

So apparently, sometimes working your ass off actually pays off. After finally graduating and getting my B.A., followed by spending months applying for what I would guess to be no less than a few hundred jobs, I’ve finally gotten a permanent job. 

I can now vouch from first hand experience that getting a job as a recent university graduate is a gruelling and exhausting process. Not only do most of the jobs recent graduates can apply for somehow list as “entry level” but emphasize a need for a “minimum of 5 years experience”, they also very rarely start off as permanent jobs. Nowadays, almost every job is listed as “casual”, and if you’re lucky, “with possibility of extension”.  

Logically from the business point of view it makes sense. You hire newer employees whom you can pay less and only so long as you need them for a task to be completed. In contrast, a “casual” contract is a pretty gloomy long term outlook outcome. As a newer graduate you don’t have much of a bargaining leg to stand on when it comes to arguing for a raise from the stated salary. Also, as a “casual” contract you are not entitled to the wonderful advantage of permanent employment that is benefits. So basically, getting this permanent position was the equivalent of getting the weight of Mount Everest off my back.  

Being permanent gives me a level of security I’ve been wishing for for a few years now; and yes I cried inside over how “adult” a thought that was for me. With my health being, shall we say stubborn, as it is, I have been seriously anxious without the security of health insurance. Also, the security of a steady pay check is something everyone can appreciate. Now with a steady income I can actually save for things I’ve been wanting for a while now, a car and a house. I will also be able to save with my pension for the long term and for me that is quite a relief. Also, with the security of a permanent job, I will be able to allocate funds to hobbies I enjoy and other activities I simply haven’t had in my budget when I had a contract or was between jobs. 

In all honesty I will admit I was trying to avoid the whole “adulting” thing. I had always had that dream of just having all the money without any of the effort, and then I woke up. Now, I’m just trying to be as responsible as I can with my newfound financial security, while at the same time using this newfound stability to do activities I’d been holding off and will now finally be able to enjoy. For all these reasons, I can safely say that “adulting” doesn’t seem so bad after all. 


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