Appreciating the Awesome 

Just got tickets for a concert by your favourite band, AWESOME! Just finished a huge project at work, AWESOME!  

With all the work we do daily, whether it be at our jobs, at school, or tasks related to our personal lives, it can be rewarding to complete a stressful task or get a pleasant surprise. Naturally, our reactions to these positive life events are centred around the same word, AWESOME! But sadly, throughout the monotony of daily life, not everyday allows us with awesome over the top events. For this reason, I am overwhelmingly grateful to Neil Pasricha for writing “The Book of Awesome”, “The Book of (Even More) Awesome” and the many other “Awesome” books Mr. Pasricha has penned through the years. 

Far too often we forget to notice the little things in life and only look forward to large events. In my experience, I will admit I’ve too often fallen into this way of thinking and wished for times passing for large stressful events to be over, or inversely, ignored day to day events in anticipation of a big positive event in the future. But what about those little victories that we do often seem to overlook. We get those types of awesome moments every day, whether we have yet to recognize them or not.  

These “Awesome” books are useful in that they bring to the forefront these wonderful moments and help us recognize them and reflect on how awesome they really are. One of my favourite examples is: “the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies”. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves the smell of fresh baked cookies. But for me, it’s not just the smell of the cookies that evokes that “awesome” sentiment. For myself, the smell of the cookies causes me to have reminiscences of my childhood. I think back to the fun times I had baking cookies with my mom, dancing around the kitchen, making a mess with the flour, and let’s be honest, eating more raw dough than actually baked cookies. 

Now I’m not saying these books drastically changed the way I live my life but if I may quote Oprah, there was definitely an “aha! moment” of sorts. Every day we live thousands of moments. Some moments are obviously wonderful in that they are awesome even to those observing from the outside. But, there are also simple, brief moments that can seem ever so ordinary when really they are something more. For me, these books helped me to appreciate my life and to really look at tiny moments I would have simply overlooked in the past. Right now for instance, I’m in a comfy pair of pyjamas, sitting on my couch with a good show on in the background, writing this post. To me, getting to do that is pretty awesome. And to top it all off, I get to sleep in tomorrow. Now that’s definitely AWESOME! 


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