Soul Sisters 

I always had a very linear view of soulmates. I considered soulmates as more of a romantic construct; the love of your life is your soulmate, your one and only. Recently however, I’ve come to the realization that soulmates come into our lives as not only those we fall in love with, but those who complete us as well. 

Now by no means am I saying that you and your soulmate need to be carbon copies of each other. I think it would get a little boring only having the same interests and not being able to grow and learn new things from and with people you care about. At the same time however, I do believe it is important to have the same core principles as people with whom you wish to establish long, meaningful relationships, romantic or otherwise.

I am also a firm believer in knowing almost instantaneously if someone is going to become a fixture in your life. There are friends whom you appreciate because they are kind, fun, all-around decent people; and for those friends I am incredibly grateful. But the soulmate friendship is something different. In my experience it is akin to a lightning bolt shooting out of the sky. It is so sudden and so bright that it’s impossible to ignore. These friendships are more than mere human attraction over shared beliefs and interests; it’s something entirely unto itself.  

I have a very select few friends I would say fit into this category of “soulmates” and the feeling is mutual. These are the friends who, though I hate to admit, sometimes know me better than I know myself. There are the friends whose feelings become your feelings. When they are upset or angry it’s as if you yourself feel those same things, even to a similar magnitude. On occasion, I’ve felt a certain way, be it incredibly happy or inexplicably sad, and I would text one of these friends and they would explain to me a situation that would explain this emotional response. Now I’m not saying this is a psychic type of connection but I do believe there are some people we connect to that somehow become a part of us. 

At the end of the day, friendship is an essential aspect of our lives. Like family, friends are the ones we can go to with anything. Our friends comfort us, laugh with us, share what’s really important with us, and most importantly, they love us. Some friends come and go, but the friends who stick around through thick and thin, in terms of presents, that’s one of the best gifts life has to give us. 


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