Cooking Creations 

I love food. My list of necessities is pretty much: oxygen, everything delicious, followed by everything else. And fortunately for me, my love for food is also coupled with my love for cooking. The only problem with all this is that I have about zero creativity when it comes to meal planning; thank goodness for cookbooks. 

I love reading cookbooks almost as much as I love reading literature. There are so many different types of cookbooks out there, some of which I’ve never even heard of: vegetarian, meat only, vegan, healthy eating, dessert only, the list goes on. Is there a Dewey decimal system for cookbooks? There should be.  

I am far too scatterbrained to follow a recipe word for word and measurement for measurement. For me, cooking is more a work of art than a precise process. With my lack of cooking creativity I usually just follow the gist of the recipe and wing it from there. I find cooking a highly individual process. Some people like saltier foods, some savoury, and others go for the spicy foods. With cooking, I can get the essential flavours of the recipe as it is written and then alter it to my personal preference.  

I will admit I’m not as adventurous when it comes to baking. Baking is definitely more of a delicate art. With baking, there are precise measurements that need to be followed or else the final product doesn’t end up as desired; and no one wants a delicious looking but awful tasting dessert.

Until I feel brave enough to dive into the baking world I’ll definitely leave that to the experts. For now, I’ll just enjoy my delicious cooking creations, and try my best not to eat too much, but what can ya do? 


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