Haircut hassle 

I finally did it. After months of putting it off I took the plunge and cut my hair. Now I’m not talking about a little trim; I chopped a good four inches off, and it feels awesome.  

The reason I’d been putting cutting my hair off for so long was because I’m a chicken. After having the same hair dresser since high school I called and found out she decided to stop working and to tell you the truth I got a little stressed. I mean our hairstyle is important to us, it’s part of our identity. We want our hair to say something great about us and not be a never-ending cycle of “bed head”. And this woman got my hair identity. From the first time I sat in her salon chair she just got me. I am horrible at explaining what I see in my head for ideas for haircuts but somehow she saw my vision. Since then it wasn’t even a question who I wanted to cut my hair. So after finding that out I had to find someone I could hope would get what I was looking for and not just a hair cut horror story anecdote. 

I was hoping that where one finds one good hair stylist, another must surely be nearby. Luckily for me this turned out to be the case. The new woman I got to cut my hair was a doll. Wonderful woman with a Scottish accent even Shrek would approve of. Now most of the time I get really uncomfortable with forced hair salon talk but this woman was different. It was just like talking to a girlfriend about the light fluffy stuff that comes up around Christmas time, like how I have no gift ideas for anyone. When she was done with my hair I couldn’t get over how wonderful it looked. Even though it only got cut, my hair looked like I’d gotten highlights with all the layers and body the cut was able to give my hair. It’s too true that a haircut can change your whole look. My hair had become so limp and shapeless it just drew all the light out of my face and made me look tired all the time. Now with my hair’s lightness and body, my face looks brightened up as well. I feel like I’ve gotten a full makeover. 

I definitely understand the apprehension of finding a new hairstylist, let alone allowing them to cut your hair. But I will say that if you’re lucky like me, the benefit of taking the plunge was well worth the risk and initial stress. Now all I have to do is worry about the strain my wrist has gotten from all this hair flipping.  


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