Woman Crush Wednesday 2: Lori Harder and the “Earn Your Happy” Podcast

Leading a happy, fulfilling life doesn’t have to be exhaustingly hard work. This was a major enlightening moment I had recently. But, that does not mean that hard work isn’t required, you just have to find an enjoyable type of work to pursue. And by “work” I don’t only mean employment, I mean “work” in every aspect of life: the job we have, the exercise we do, the food we eat, and so on. Now, in my experience, it is essential to look for help or advice at every possible turn when looking to achieve goals. If there is someone out there who has achieved success in what I am working on or towards then why in the world would I not seek to find out everything they know? One of the most influential guideposts for success in my life recently has been a woman by the name of Lori Harder. 

Lori Harder is the creator of the “Earn Your Happy” podcast, which in my opinion is one of the best podcasts out there. Now I hesitate to label it but if I had to I’d categorize “Earn Your Happy” as a health and wellness podcast. That being said, this does not only refer to physical health. Lori looks into every aspect in your life from a wellness perspective and how to achieve your ultimate goals in all these areas. Each podcast involves a theme to assist in aspects of our lives; be it improving our physical health, attitudes and thought processes, work life, personal relationships, and so on. Every aspect of your life can derive benefit from this podcast.  

One of the main reasons I love this podcast is because Lori “practices what she preaches” if you will. She has gone through many of the struggles we have gone through be it body issues, relationship hiccups, or career setbacks; and this is why I find her so inspiring. Her knowledge is not coming from a place of judgment but rather a place of experience. She has been there and can provide immensely helpful insights and answers to questions we may have not even thought of.  

Another reason this podcast has been such a welcomed resource in my life is because there is input from a variety of sources. This podcast is great because there are continuously guests on who are incredibly knowledgeable on the topic of interest and provide listeners with such teachable insights that I just want to soak it up as fast as I can. Lori provides us with such a great service by giving us this knowledge from a wide array of people with such a vast range of expertise. Having multiple guests also allows for the same subject to be looked at from a variety of viewpoints. These multiple points of view let us hear what works for different people and when we hear that one person say something that resonates with us it’s all worth it.  
Although I am no longer in school, I consider the “Earn Your Happy” podcast my homework of sorts. My homework is to listen to the episodes, I mean really listen. Listen to what the guests and Lori are saying about the topics, whether it’s information I already knew or something new to me. After listening to each episode to reflect on what I’ve heard and see how it relates to my current situation. I look for areas in my life that I can improve upon using the information I’ve gathered from listening to the episodes and how I can use what I’ve learned every single day. This podcast really has helped me to look at my life, its successes and challenges, in a new light. Using what I’m learning from these episodes I feel that I am well on my way to earning my happy and I think this podcast can only be of immense benefit in helping others earn theirs. 

  • Instagram: Loriharder
  • Twitter: @LoriHarder

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