Skin Care Products to Swear By

Our skin is probably one of the most neglected parts of our bodies. We forget to put on sunscreen and it gets burned, we deal with differing humidity and it gets dry and cracked. I will confess that I am guilty of very often neglecting my skin care. I am a definite sunscreen addict but that’s because I’m basically the colour of white crayons and when I forget sunscreen I turn into a lobster. However, when it comes to a stable moisturizing and skin care regimen, mine was certainly lacking. I was of the lazy skin care school where “skin care” meant washing my face with water only at the end of the day. 

Recently however, I’ve tried really hard to establish a good skin care regimen. Here are my three must haves for optimal skin health. 

1) Micellar water cleanser by Garnier 
I’d recently been hearing a lot about mycellar water and how it was a skin care miracle worker. After using it for about two weeks I can confirm that in my experience this product is a skin care savour. I never really thought about how much gets on our skin throughout the day; and I’ll confess that ignorance is bliss. At the end of the day, washing my face, seeing the amount of dirt and grime that comes off on the cotton face pad is pretty disgusting. So it is nice in that “ew I can’t believe all that was on my face” kind of way that the mycellar water cleanser gets all that dirt and grime off my face.  

One thing important for me to consider is my stupidly sensitive skin. My skin likes to go from 0 to Sahara desert during the winter months. My skin gets so dry that I get that dry, cracked, ever so unattractive look. This makes it pretty tricky to find skin care products that don’t make my skin feel like fire when it’s supposed to be soothing the dryness. Fortunately for me, the micellar water cleanser is incredibly gentle on my stubborn skin. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who, like me, wants something quick and easy but still useful for getting healthy skin. The product isn’t expensive, it’s easy to use, and it’s gentle on sensitive skin. I’m definitely a fan and consider this a big part of my skin getting a nice glow. 

2) Body Shop: Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet 
Because of my dry skin, I know the importance of a strong, yet gentle moisturizer. Luckily for me, I’ve had a good facial moisturizer for a while now. I’ve been a fan of The Body Shop products for as long as I can remember. Back when I was younger I loved their soaps and lotions for how wonderful they smelled. Now as an adult I appreciate their products for how gentle they are on my skin. 

One of The Body Shop products I’ve really come to appreciate is the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (and yes I know it sounds like an ice cream flavour). I really like this moisturizer for a few reasons. First, it’s wonderfully light. A lot of moisturizers are really thick and I find those products block my pores and give me breakouts which isn’t something I want for the sake of good moisturizing. The cream is also very concentrated. This is useful because it allows for using only a little for each application which lets the product last longer; which helps save money (always a good bonus in my books). The cream is also incredibly soothing because it has that menthol type product in it allowing for that light mint smell. I like this quality of the product because I really don’t want to put a really strong odoured cream on my face and have that scent lingering for a while afterwards. 

3) The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey: Deep Nourishing Mask 
Whenever I think of a day at the spa my mind automatically goes to facials. I have no idea why but the concept of a facial always sounds like the epitome of relaxation to me. But let’s be honest, with my minuscule beauty budget I hardly have the money to go get a facial. Instead, I tend to look for face masks that are affordable yet still get the job done. I really like the Body Shop masks for a few reasons.

  First, the masks are available for a range of skin types because gosh knows nobody has the same type of skin as someone else. Their masks come in varieties for dry skin, oily, skin, and combination skin, something for everyone.

  I also like these masks because they don’t take long to be effective. Some masks need to be kept on for 20-30 minutes and knowing me I’d forget about it and leave the house without even registering I still had the mask on. These masks are to be kept on for about only five minutes. This is super easy because I always just put it on right before my shower and the steam from the shower allows it to get into my pores with even better efficiency and I don’t waste time simply sitting waiting for my face mask to work. 

Again, for me masks need to be gentle on the skin and these masks deliver on that end. The mask is incredibly gentle and very subtle smelling so it delivers on both it’s ability to be useful for very dry skin and not having an overpowering smell that sometimes goes hand in hand with cleanser products.  

I am relatively new at maintaining a rigid skin care regimen but I think I might finally be on the right track. Taking care of my skin has become an essential part of my self-care regimen and it only makes sense that I add skin care to my list on my way to being fit and healthy in mind and body. 


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