Throwback Thursday: Childhood Confidence

With Christmas right around the corner I wonder where this year has gone. For some reason this time of year always gets me feeling nostalgic. And now, with my newfound passion for wanting to start my own business, I’ve been thinking about my childhood. I didn’t really understand why I was thinking about these things but like I’ve said before, life gives you what you need when you need it.  

I miss childhood

Now I’m not saying I miss the strict bedtimes and the lack of personal freedom. I miss the belief in myself I had. When I was younger I believed I could do anything. I wanted to be a pop star astronaut combo; if that doesn’t show lack of limitations I don’t know what does. I just can’t imagine being that care free now like I was back then. If I wanted to try something I just went ahead and did it. When I wanted to go on the monkey bars, I got on the climber, got ready, and jumped for the bar. There was no fear. That’s what I miss.  

Let the fear go

With age, our fear, in a more abstract sense, just seems to grow. It’s not that we’re afraid of doing things, it’s our fear of FAILING at these things. Failure cripples us. When we fail, we blame ourselves. Even if it is something we have never before attempted, if we fail we somehow assume we are never going to be good at something so why bother even trying. This is the farthest thing from the truth. To get good at something we need to try, and practice, and hone those skills. But in order to try, first we have to believe. 

Believe in yourself 

I’m hoping I’m not alone in this but I sure was a cocky kid sometimes when I was younger. Even if I had never done something before, I was convinced I’d be good at it. Upon setting my mind on a new task I was beyond determined. I would practice and practice, through setbacks and hiccups, I just wanted to prove I could do what I set my mind to. I wish I was that confident now that I’m an adult.  

Same idea, bigger, scarier stuff

In theory, I should be just as confident in my abilities as an adult as I was back then but that’s just not the case. Logically, I’m guessing the reason for my fears is because the stakes are higher now. If I fail at something I venture in now I could lose a job, or money, tangible useful things. And being the cautious person I am, the fear of failure stops me from doing things my younger self would jump at the chance to do. 

Think it through 

Sometimes my cautious thinking can be beneficial. For instance, in overly emotional situations it is good to be cautious and take a moment to think things through. At other times however, rewinding time a little and using my younger self’s positive attitude could come in handy. Sometimes it’s important for our personal well-being and sense of self that we believe in ourselves like we did back then. Trusting in your abilities when you’ve done everything you can is an important part of actually achieving success, or at least learning from the hiccups or missteps. 

Dive in

This is in no way me suggesting being reckless with decision making. Always do your research and learn all you can for something so you are not reckless and fail before you even start. Know what you are capable of and go ahead and take the plunge. Life is too short to be the adult sitting at the edge of the pool not wanting to get our hair wet; sometimes you just need to tiptoe to the edge and take a gigantic cannonball jump into the deep end. 


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