Just In Time for a Good Laugh

Ever get those days where you just need a good laugh. Sometimes we just need to not think about the serious stuff, forget about life and all that’s going on in the world, and have a good laugh. For me, the best way to do that is listen to the “Jenna + Julien Podcast”.

So, confession time, I’ve been the biggest Jenna Marbles fangirl for many years now. From the first time a friend suggested I watch one of her videos I was hooked. Her videos are all so relatable and hilarious. Every time I watch her videos I just feel like I’m chatting and venting with a girlfriend. The way all her videos are just so silly, real, uncensored, and honest, I just think the world, and especially the internet, needs more of that. She doesn’t care about getting followers, it’s just about giving us viewers silly, good content to watch and unwind from the world with; and that I can definitely appreciate. 

Julien Solomita is also someone on Youtube who’s videos I watch, newer to me than Jenna Marbles though. I like Julien’s videos because they’re more real life than Jenna’s, apparently those are called “vlogs” now (learning that term recently seriously makes me feel old and out of touch). It also helps that Julien’s dog is absolutely adorable, just like Jenna’s two little fur babies.

When I stumbled upon the Jenna+Julien podcast, I knew immediately I had to listen to it. This podcast is definitely in my top five must listen podcasts any time I have free time. The range of guests is always great. I get to hear from a range of people, whether they be musicians, other Youtube stars, random topics, and of course the “Debbie Machine”. This podcast isn’t just all about the laughs though. There are some episodes related to how the Jenna+Julien podcast got so successful and even gives advice on how to do that for yourself and your own endeavours, super helpful. 

Whenever I find myself having a crappy day or just needing a laugh I know I can find relief on the “Jenna+Julien” podcast. With their awesome chemistry, hilarious topics, and great guests, this podcast is definitely a winner. And with all the laughing I’m doing while listening, I’m going to count this podcast as an essential part of any good fitness regime (trust me, it counts). 


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