Day 3: Tuesday January 3, 2017

Time flies
And just like that, Christmas is over. I have no idea where that time went, and honestly, 2016 as a whole flew by so fast it was insane. I’m determined to slow down the good times this year and just enjoy the good times and really immerse myself in them and enjoy them. 

Time to get grateful
But sometimes reality does interject and bring me back down to earth, and sadly, work. Now I am not writing this to vent and complain because that doesn’t benefit anyone. Time to be grateful and look at the big picture: I have a job ✅, I have job security✅, I have health insurance✅, I have wonderful friends and family ✅, and I am chasing my dream to own my own business ✅. This year is for looking at the good stuff and instead of feeling bad about the stuff that doesn’t make me happy, it’s time to use those instances and lessons and appreciate them for what they teach me.  

Always busy
Today was just a good day all-around though. I woke up feeling motivated, had a delicious, healthy breakfast, my bus came on time, my day flew by, and I have a safe ride home at the end of my day. I am so grateful for all those things. 

The good stuff just kept coming once I got home. Today was just one of those days when walking in my door and putting on my comfy bootie slippers felt extra cozy. Once I got all comfy in pjs (because let’s face it, work clothes have no place being worn at home unless absolutely necessary), I “made” dinner. I only say “made” dinner because I was lucky enough to have a ton of leftovers from the big family New Year’s Day dinner we had.  

After dinner came the workout phase or my day. Today for my squat challenge I got 75 squats done and done. That squat burn has to be one of the most conflicting feelings ever; feels horrible while you do it but feels amazing after, and the results aren’t too shabby either. 

Today’s been crazy busy with work stuff, workout stuff, and life in general. No matter how hectic things get and how exhaustingly crazy life is, I’m just happy I’m here living it. 

Food Diary


-brown ground flax (1tbsp, 37 calories, 3G fat, 2g carbs, 1.3g protein, 2g fibre, 0g sugar)

-coffee (1 cup, 2 calories, 0g fat, 0g carbs, 0.3g protein, 0g fibre, 0g sugar)

-1% milk (1oz., 12 calories, 0.3g fat, 0g carbs, 1g protein, 0g fibre, 1.5g sugar)

-chia seeds (1tsp, 20 calories, 1g fat, 1.7g carbs, 1g protein, 1.7g fibre, 0g sugar)

-cacao nibs (14g, 0.4g fat, 0.4g carbs, 0.1g protein, 0.3g fibre, 0g sugar)

-Source vanilla yogurt (100g, 35 calories, 0g fat, 5g carbs, 4g protein, 0g fibre, 4g sugar)

-All bran buds (0.3 cup, 70 calories, 1g fat, 22g carbs, 3g protein, 11g fibre, 7g sugar)

-plain 2% Greek yogurt (3oz., 45 calories, 0g fat, 3.3g carbs, 16.5g protein, 0g fibre, 3.3g sugar)


-penne pasta (0.5 cup, 190 calories, 1g fat, 41g carbs, 7g protein, 5g fibre, 1g sugar)

-accents garlic and olive oil tomato sauce (1/2 cup, 35 calories, 0.2g fat, 7g carbs, 2g protein, 1g fibre, 6g sugar)

-seedless green grapes (100g, 66 calories, 0.1g fat, 15.4g carbs, 0.4g protein, 0.7g fibre, 15.4g sugar)

-source strawberry yogurt (100g, 35 calories, 0g fat, 5g carbs, 4g protein, 0g fibre, 4g sugar)


-chicken stuffing (0.5 cup, 170 calories, 1g fat, 21g carbs, 4g protein, 1g fibre, 2g sugar)

-steamed asparagus (1cup, 27 calories, 0.2g fat, 5g carbs, 3g protein, 2.8g fibre, 2.5g sugar)

-balsamic vinegar (1tbsp, 14 calories, 0g fat, 2.7g carbs, 0.1g protein, 0g fibre, 2.4g sugar)

-extra virgin olive oil (2tsp, 80 calories, 9g fat, 0g carbs, 0g protein, 0g fibre, 0g sugar)

-steamed broccoli (1 cup, 70 calories, 0.6g fat, 10g carbs, 4.2g protein, 3.8g fibre, 2.5g sugar)

-garlic (1tbsp, 5 calories, other nutrients: N/A)

-turkey (4oz., 150 calories, 8g fat, 1g carbs, 22g protein, 0g fibre, 0g sugar)

-mashed potatoes (0.5 cup, 107 calories, 4.4g fat, 15.7g carbs, 1.7g protein, 1.4g fibre, 1.2g sugar) 

Water: 12 cups


-75 squats

-15 minute walk

  • Nutrition tracking provided by My Fitness Pal

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