Woman Crush Wednesday 3: The Woman Warrior 

I don’t consider myself a groupie in the traditional sense. I don’t go crazy over the next “it” boy band or current television or movie superstar. I get into groupie mode for somewhat unconventional things. One of my groupie inducing interests is in the realm of what I would consider reality television. 

Now I don’t watch typical reality television like the 400th season of American idol or yet another season of Survivor on a deserted island I’ve never heard of. My reality show addiction goes by the name of American Ninja Warrior. To me, this show is the ideal formula for reality television: it has competition, it has suspense-filled moments, but most of all, and what I consider to be what most reality television shows are missing, it has nothing to do with superficial, two-dimensional, only for the cameras personal growth.  

If you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior, you’ll know it’s full of absolutely inspiring individuals. These people come from all different backgrounds and levels of fitness expertise. But what all these people have in common is that they absolutely fell in love with this competition and how it’s transformed their lives for the better. Every time I watch the show I’m in complete awe of how athletic and strong these people are. Seeing how these people, most of which started from a non-athletic path, have become so invested in this path and becoming strong, healthy individuals is definitely inspiring. 

The women on American Ninja Warrior are definitely some of the most badass women I’ve ever seen. There are three “warriors” in particular to whom I honestly feel I owe thanks for opening my eyes to this type of activity: Meagan Martin, Jessie Graff, and Kacy Catanzaro. These women are absolute powerhouses. I’m always in awe of how these women are so strong, motivated, and powerful. More than anything, their determination is what strikes me. Watching this television show is so daunting for me and I’m just in my living room. It’s absolutely crazy that people see those obstacles and feel so motivated to conquer them. 

Every time I feel unmotivated I just think of these women. I remember where they started and how they never gave up. I remember how amazing they are at what they do and how much practice, hard work, and determination it took to arrive there. These women remind me how important it is to have focus on what you want. I use this advice and example from these women to guide how I will work to achieve my goals. I use their demonstrations of hard work to remind myself that it won’t happen overnight but it will be worth it when I achieve the goals I seek to accomplish and will stay motivated through the process knowing that it will all be worth it. I know there are bad days and days when I won’t be motivated, that’s just life, but what’s important is to power through the tough days, learn from them, and come back even stronger and tougher than before. 

Thank you to these amazing women. Thank you for the lessons you teach through your athletics. Thank you for demonstrating strength, determination, perseverance, and joy in what you do. The amount of awesome badassery demonstrated by these women is something I aim to eventually achieve; once I develop that coordination thing of course. 

Jessie Graff Instagram
Twitter: @JESSIEgraffpwr

Meagan Martin Instagram
Twitter: @MeaganMartin89

Kacy Catanzaro Instagram
Twitter: @KacyCatanzaro 


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