Day 7: Saturday January 7, 2017

Today was yet another crazy busy day, and in complete honesty, it was a bad food choice day.

Starting the Day Off Delicious

My friend and I have a standing challenge to find different restaurants and coffee shops in our city to try them out. Today we went to a restaurant to try their amazingly delicious looking breakfasts. When going out for breakfast it really is a task to try and have healthy food. I hardly ever go out for breakfast. I can’t even remember the last time I went out for breakfast. Because of this, and because I do try to eat healthy as much as I can, I make a point not to beat myself up for these kinds of events. For me, this breakfast was less about the food and more about having a good time with a wonderful friend. 

Fitting Everything In

Even though I went out for a decadent and delicious breakfast, I made sure to put in a good workout to offset today’s food choices. My friend and I made sure to walk to the restaurant and walk back from the restaurant after breakfast. It felt quite nice despite the cold weather to just get out and enjoy that wonderful fresh winter air. 

I also made sure to get in a workout today besides our walk. Because today was such an exception food-wise, I wanted to make sure I compensated for it workout-wise. I’ve learned lately it’s important to be adaptive and be willing and able to change your plans. Life never goes exactly how we want and expect it to go and I honestly think life’s better that way.  

Getting Things Done

Today was definitely what I consider a productive day:

-breakfast with a friend ✅

-tried a new restaurant ✅

-got in a beautiful fresh air walk ✅

-got to see family ✅

-got in a good workout ✅

-got some writing done ✅

-got some reading in ✅

All thee things are little in and of themselves but when they’re all added up, the amount of things I managed to do today makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and just happiness for how wonderful today was. 

Today’s lesson

Today showed me once again how important the little things are. Life is too short to miss out on random restaurant breakfast dates and feeling that wonderful cool breeze against your face. 2017 is definitely shaping up to be a year full of little wonderful moments I hope to remember for a very long time. 


-walk 40 minutes 

-ab HIIT 10 minutes 

-weights workout (8lbs, 10 reps x 3 sets) 10 minutes 

Food tracking done with My Fitness Pal


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