Flipping for Flapjacks

Just in case this isn’t already obvious, I’m a bit obsessed with food. I love trying new foods, exploring new food combinations, really anything to do with food. I’m really glad I’m not a fussy eater; I just can’t imagine missing out on all the amazing food this world has to offer. 

I love exploring my city and finding cool places to grab a bite to eat. One such adventure just occurred when a friend and I went to Flapjacks Canadian Diner. This restaurant is a breakfast lover’s dream. 

The menu at this place was absolutely unbelievable. All the breakfast combinations looked like a delectable adventure for the tastebuds. There were pancakes, French toast, waffles, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, not to mention cheap mimosas. I mean as far as breakfast menus are concerned this one is in gold medal territory.  

Lucky for us, the food tasted just as delicious as the menu made it seem. The breakfast sandwiches were the perfect mix of sweet and savoury. I mean a breakfast sandwich where the buns are pancakes, what’s not to like?   

I know for sure I’ll be back when the weather gets warmer to try out their insane looking warmer weather fare. This restaurant has the most amazing looking milkshakes and sundaes it’s crazy. I mean, I have no idea what’s in a birthday cake milkshake but I know I want one; same goes for a triple cookie sundae. Just thinking about them and my stomach is already growling. 

Don’t feel like you have to take my word for it. My friend probably gives the best testimonial to try them out, concerning their pancakes, she says: “Shit those are so good”. Go to Flapjacks, experience the deliciousness for yourself. 

  • Instagram: @flapjackscanadiandiner 
  • Facebook: Flapjack’s Canadian Diner 
  • Twitter: @CanadianDiner 

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