Day 8: Sunday January 8, 2017 

Plan It Out

Sundays are usually my planning days. On Sundays I like to do my groceries for the week and in order to do that properly and not buy things on a whim I have a set plan for what to buy for the week. Once I have my meals all planned out I can know what I need to buy and not have wasted food leftover at the end of the week.  

Busy Day

Today was a usual Sunday. Got up and had to do some work first thing. I know I know it’s the weekend you aren’t supposed to work. Sadly for me though, there’s always work; definitely no rest for the wicked. Thankfully it didn’t take too long so I got to get that out of the way nice and early and get on with the rest of my day.  

Next up was groceries. Since I had my meals all planned out for the week it was easy to get everything and not get anything impulsively that I’d be bound to regret later.  

Get Help When/Where I Can

As I’ve already made clear, I’m all about using all resources at my disposal to help me achieve my goals. Recently, I’ve discovered one such resource that has definitely become an important tool in my 2017 resolution toolbox.  


My friend recently introduced me to the app Yummly. This app is a game changer for people trying to eat healthy and not get bored at the same time. The app is great because it gives you food and drink ideas based on your individual preferences, food allergies and sensitivities, and specified food diets. There are so many different types of recipes of differing difficulty types and length of preparation. For anyone wanting to get inspiration in the kitchen I’d definitely recommend this app. I use Yummly every week to get inspiration for what to cook for the week and since it compiles a grocery list for me, it takes the guesswork out of what I need to buy. 

Still Working Out 

Since my knee is still mending I decided to make today a careful workout day. I made sure to wrap my knee and just run slow. I also made sure to do some core work today to mix things up. No matter what workout I choose I just love the endorphins I get when I’ve gotten into “the zone”. It feels wonderful having that sense of accomplishment that I’m pushing forward towards my goals, regardless of how slow. 

Today’s Lesson

Whenever I can I try to plan. Whether I plan my outfits for work the night before, my workout plan for the week, or my meal plan for the week, I always feel better when I plan. Planning saves so much time and reduces so much stress for me. Keeping up with planning things ahead and staying focused on my goals, taking one step at a time, is definitely going in the right direction. 

Instagram: Yummly

Facebook: Yummly

Twitter: @Yummly 


-run 10 minutes 

-run 20 minutes 

-ab workout 12 minutes 

-run 20 minutes 
Meal tracking done with My Fitness Pal


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