Day 10: Tuesday January 10, 2017 

Wicked Weather

Today’s weather is definitely testing me. Nothing says stay home in your pjs curled up with a good book by the fireplace to me more than the blustery freezing-rain/snow combination weather storm going on today.  

Blankets and Blizzards

This morning was a particularly hard morning to get out of bed. I’m a morning person, always have been. I’m used to getting up at 5am every day to go to work, and 90% of the time that isn’t hard for me. Today however was not one of those days. Today was more like one of those days where my bed felt like a swirling non-escapable vortex of comfy blankets and pillows. Pulling myself out of that cotton-comfort quicksand was true torture.  

Bus Business 

I do suppose that the crazy long commute home today did have some pluses. Since my ride was long I got to listen to more podcasts than I usually do. They are an essential part of my day because they’re like my electronic classroom with brilliant teachers who not only know the material but also work in their areas of expertise. I love just listening to all the knowledge these people have to offer from such diverse areas and just soak it up like a sponge.  

Today’s lesson

Some days it can be hard to find specific time for fitting everything in all neat and perfect as we would want. Instead, most days it’s about finding the time within our busy day to accomplish the things we set out to do the best we can. For me today that meant using my bus ride as an opportunity to catch up on my “lessons”. I want to learn all I can to be able to start my own business and to do that I like getting all the information I can from everywhere I can. And today, since I was stuck on a slow moving bus in the middle of a snowstorm I could have just sat there being bored but instead I took that time to seize this opportunity and learn something new. Besides, it’s always a good time to learn something new. 

Water: 10 cups

Food tracking done with My Fitness Pal

-walk 15 minutes 

-run 13 minutes

-arm workout 15 minutes 


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