Day 11: Wednesday January 11, 2017

Today was another cold one. I really am a horrible winter survivor. If I could bundle summer air and heat and wear it like a sweater all year round I’d be in heaven. Nevertheless here I am in -30.

Help From the Cold

I’ve noticed something odd about the cold though. I don’t know if it’s a combined motivation with how this fitness journey has been going or just my drive to stay warm and avoid the cold, but I’ve been really driven to workout lately. Not going to lie, it feels really good. I’m getting into that zone where I’m getting really focused and aware of my goals. I know what I want in the long term but I know it’s important to focus on taking the baby steps.  

Start Slow

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to change slowly concerning my exercise and eating habits and for me that’s just such an exciting thing. Now that I am tracking everything I eat and every exercise I do, I get to think before I impulse eat. Now, instead of just grabbing some chocolate to satisfy that short term craving, I actually wait and ask myself if I am really even hungry and, if I am, what healthy good food will satisfy this craving. By doing this, I’m finding myself grabbing more fruits and vegetables when I get hungry or simply drinking a glass of water. 

Today’s Lesson 

Today’s lesson is to remember the grande scheme of things. Every little thing we do has a value. And every moment is important. And what’s even more important is what we do in those moments; or even what we don’t do in those moments. Instead of grabbing something unhealthy to eat, take a second to just breathe and really listen to my body and ask what it wants. Even that little step of making the right healthy choice will help on the journey of getting that healthy lifestyle I’m working towards. 
Food tracking done with My Fitness Pal


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