Day 12: Thursday January 12, 2017

Today was another food adventure day. Since I’ve been feeling so bleh lately it felt like a good idea to have some more friend time. So today after work I got to check another food must try off my culinary bucket list. Since I knew I was going to indulge this evening, I made sure to limit my calories throughout the day to not feel guilty for indulging.  

As you’ve guessed, I’m a big fan of comfort food. With that in mind, I also like a spin on the usual comfort food so I found Burgers n’ Fries Forever a must try.  

This restaurant is definitely a Burger lover’s dream. There’s the set menu with a bunch of cool toppings and sauces, but if you want to go off book you basically have an infinite number of options. I’d say the hardest thing about eating there is deciding what to get.  

Not only are the burgers amazing, but the fries are on another level above all other burger buddies. They have regular fries that, on their own are delicious but just like their burgers, you can get them fancied up with delicious toppings and sauces.  

I would totally recommend this burger joint to anyone with a taste for the delicious. The burgers can be made with chicken and have a variety of gluten free and vegetarian options so they really do have something for everyone. So go grab your BFF and head over to BFF to indulge in the fantastically delicious burger and fry life. 

I know my food choices today weren’t perfect but I’m only human. I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to have one good meal with a good friend. I just need to work hard, stay focused on my goals, but still remember to enjoy and live my life. 


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