Day 13: Friday January 13, 2017

You got out of bed…now make it

So today I made my bed. I know, alone that sentence isn’t a big deal but when you consider where I’m coming from you’ll understand it’s magnitude. I hardly ever make my bed. I was a firm believer of the school of thought that making your bed was just a waste of time. You wake up, get out of bed, make it, only to have to remake it to climb back into it when you go to bed. To me, the practice just seemed like a waste of time. 

Lately however, I’m starting to change my mind. I’ve read a lot and heard a lot of research explain how making your bed at the beginning of the day leads to more focused thought throughout the day. How it also leads to a feeling of increased calm and organization throughout the day. And, in a purely anecdotal, non-research way, I understand. When I made my bed this morning my room just looked clean, calm, and serene. I can’t discount that this very well may translate to the rest of my day; but we shall see.  

Carpool/buspool karaoke

This morning, I guess since it’s Friday (TGIF yay) I was in a music mood on the way in to work today. That meant me jamming in my seat. So I apologize to anyone on the bus who didn’t appreciate my seated dance moves and epic lip-syncing. 

Frantic Friday

Today was absolutely crazy. So many meetings, computer crashes, and last minute tasks that I have no idea where the day went. It was like I got to work, blinked, and it was over. Throughout the day though, I was careful to focus. I remembered that no matter how hectic things get that I can just do my best and let the rest go. That’s always such an immense help for me because I tend to be a perfectionist and stress when things don’t go exactly how I want. So at work, every time I get overwhelmed and stressed I just step back, look at the task in front of me as it is, do the best I can, and let the rest go. 

Power and Productivity

Throughout the day I caught myself thinking back to this morning, and me making my bed. And I hate to admit it, but it actually helped. I thought of how organized, clean, and crisp my room looked this morning after I made my bed and how I want that level of organization and calmness in other areas of my life. It’s such a small simple thing but breaking down everything else to that level, as steps rather than one big task, helped me stay grounded and not yet overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do today. 

Today’s Lesson

Today was about how one small change can add up to something bigger. It started with just making my bed but throughout the day it kept coming back into my head affecting how I thought about the challenges and issues I was having. With these pauses to think things through clearly I was able to make more logical decisions and do my best without getting overwhelmed or feeling stressed out. I can’t wait to see how these small changes are going to change my life in the long run. 


-run 10 minutes 

-walk 15 minutes 

-HIIT 13 minutes 

Meal tracking done with My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal

Exercise tracking done with Fitbit app and Under Armour Record app 

Under Armour Record


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