Day 14: Saturday January 14, 2017

Oh how I love the weekends. They’re so short so I always feel rushed to squeeze everything in and always feel like it’s over in a flash. For me, the best thing about the weekends is probably the sleep.  

Catch Up on Some Zzz’s

Every weekend I try my best to not set an alarm. I’ve never been one to sleep in so that isn’t too much of an issue. The important thing for me is to just catch up on my rest. Get nice uninterrupted sleep. I also like to keep a set sleep care routine. I always spritz a little of lavender essential oil on my pillow to get all relaxed. I also make sure to sleep in pitch black. And probably most importantly, I always turn off my phone ringer when I sleep; I don’t need unnecessary distractions when I’m trying to sleep. 

Plan Ahead

Today was also my planning day. I got to look through my Pinterest boards and my Yummly boards to look for healthy recipes to plan my meals for the week. It always makes it so much easier to plan on my Saturdays because then I have my meals all set for the week and just buy my groceries on Sunday. Love when I feel productive (however rare that feeling appears). 

Stupid Head

Only issue with today was my killer migraine. Having a migraine does make working out harder but I just do what I can. Since my knee is still a little bummed out from falling and me being the klutz I am twisted my ankle when walking home yesterday, I just decided to do a light 30 minute run as my workout today. Regardless of how small my workout it, it always feels so good and accomplished once it’s done. 

Confession time

I am having a little trouble with my diet. I do eat healthy and within my calorie limit for the most part. The problem for me is the appropriate distribution of my macronutrients. As you’ll see today, I went over my fat daily percentage and under my daily protein percentage. I need to find a way to figure out which foods are best for which type of macronutrient and make sure I build the appropriate meals for my goals. I do receive weekly newsletters from a person I consider a very helpful source on my fitness journey so hopefully with this tool, and others I plan on finding through research, I’ll get where I need to be. As long as I keep practicing I’ll eventually get to that perfectly proportioned meal. 

Today’s Lesson

Today I had a ton of things to do and, as always, a limited time to do it in. As usual, I did as much as I could but I made sure to make time for fun. Too often we get so focused on our goals that we forget to take time for ourselves. I find it important to just take time, even if it’s just a few moments, for myself. Life’s too short to be all work and no play, so no matter how short the time is, take it for yourself and do something you love. 


-run 30 minutes 

-Food tracking done with My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal @myfitnesspal
My Fitness Pal Instagram

-Exercise tracked with Fitbit and UnderArmour Record 

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UnderArmour Instagram
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