Man Crush Monday: Muscle Nation

This is an appreciative #ManCrushMonday. Muscle Nation is a fitness community welcoming to all. They’re a great group of people who are passionate about fitness and who simply want to help others.  
These gents are some of the most helpful people in the fitness community. Whenever you have questions they’re always there to answer them. They always have such informative advice on workouts, supplements, nutrition, and any other fitness related questions you may have. 
The way this company is so invested in its followers is definitely motivating. Seeing them so eager to help and assist you on your fitness goals makes you want to work that much harder to achieve them.

 I’m certainly grateful for all the motivation, tips, and advice they’ve given me so far on my fitness journey. I can only hope that someone sees this and discovers them and gets as much help as I’ve gotten.

Chris Anastasii


Snapchat chrisanastasii 

Joshua Hopkins


Snapchat jhopkins1986

Matt Bartholomew

Instagram  _mattbartholomew 

Snapchat mattmbart 

Ray Sedrak


Snapchat raysedrak197

Robbie Frame


Snapchat robbieframe 


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