Day 16: Monday January 16, 2017

And just like that it’s Monday again. I swear someone uses a fast forward button on us on the weekends. Managed to keep up this making my bed thing and I will confess it does feel nice seeing my room all near and tidy before heading out the door. Now back to work.  

Weird Mondays 

Am I the only one who finds Mondays weird? Somehow they feel like they go by really fast but I still feel like time freezes at certain points throughout the day. I know that’s an oxymoron and makes no sense but that’s just how it feels to me. 

Dance Party

Luckily I’ve found ways to counteract the Monday blahs. See, just in case this wasn’t clear I am really hard to embarrass. That, coupled with love of dance, and you’ve got me dancing on my way to work. Yes, I did. The way I see it, nobody cares if I’m dancing, I’m not hurting anyone, I’m burning calories, and I’m having an awesome time. For me it’s a great way to start and end my work day. 

Podcast Time

After work on my way home despite my awesome dance party I was feeling a little drained so I listed to “Earn Your Happy” to get my mood up and learn something new; definitely can’t go wrong. 

Healthy at Home

Once I got home I had a nice healthy meal, got my lunch all ready for tomorrow, and made sure breakfast was set for tomorrow so I won’t be rushing (saves me every time). Then I had a killer awesome workout. I’m really getting used to this post workout endorphins high. I get how it can be addictive and honestly I’m glad this can be my drug. Getting healthy and in shape is something I really want and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I feel I’m ready and prepared to work as hard as I need to. Today just helped reinforce that, and that feels great. 

Today’s Lesson

Make time for a mood boost. Too often I get too wound up and stressed out by work and life. Now though I’ve learned it’s important to make sure to keep your mood up. Having my mood get low is almost a guarantee to a crappy day. So however I can, whether it be listening to a good podcast, cranking some good music on the bus, or dancing waiting for the light to change, I always look for an opportunity to boost my mood. This not only helps me but transfers to those around me, and who can’t appreciate a good mood? 

Today’s work dance tune: Paris by The Chainsmokers 

Lori Harder Instagram: 
Twitter: @LoriHarder


-100 crunches, 100 heel touches, 60 reverse crunches, 100 lateral kicks per leg, 100 leg raises per leg, 50 calf raises 

-run 15.05 minutes 2.3km

-walk 15 minutes 

-5 past parallel squats (luckily my knee held out) 
Food tracking done with My Fitness Pal
Exercise tracking done with Fitbit and Under Armour tracking


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