Woman Crush Wednesday 4: Laura Clery

Let’s face it, some days just suck. On those days I try my hardest to forget about the day and just find something to distract myself. For me that usually means finding something hilarious so I can laugh and in turn get a good workout (yes laughing counts as an ab workout and you can’t tell me otherwise). 

On those days I go on YouTube and watch the gem that is Laura Clery. This woman is comedy gold. She has a few “series” on YouTube of different characters and honestly all of them are side splitting hilarity.  

The best thing about her comedy is that it seems so effortless. She continuously comes out with new videos with new content and the same, incredibly high level of humour. I think it’s incredibly how easily she keeps getting material. I find it hard enough getting ideas for breakfast let alone weekly YouTube videos.  

So anytime you need a good laugh, distraction, or ab workout check out Laura Clery on YouTube, just make sure you have no where fancy to go after because your eye makeup will be a mess. 

Instagram: http://instagram.com/lauraclery
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/#/lauraclery
Facebook: http://facebook.com/laura.clery
Twitter: @LauraClery


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