Day 18: Wednesday January 18, 2017

So today was a drag myself out of bed day. In hindsight it was one of those days my body was saying “stay in bed, refuel, get rest” and I should have listened. 

All day I felt so bleh and gross it was like I embodied a rain cloud. Even after listening to awesome pump up tunes all the way to work the enjoyment I got out of it just didn’t last. I did find ways to trudge through and make it to the end of the day bell though and I’m thankful to have learned those helpful tools.  

So because today was such a drag I needed to make sure I kept myself grounded. To keep myself centred and away from breaking down and crying for no reason at my desk I made sure to take mini breaks. Instead of just having one big break at my lunch I took little times throughout the day (2-5 minute breaks) and just took time for myself. I just found a quiet place (yes sometimes the supply closet) and just did a quick meditation. I used grounding techniques to slow down my mind and stop it from entering that chaotic worst case scenario frame of mind. 

When I finally got home, all I wanted to do was workout. I think that’s a good sign, maybe my body is finally getting the craving for working out, thought I’d never see the day. I got in a great run and am very grateful because I desperately needed those endorphins. 

Today’s Lesson
Don’t bottle things up. It’s taken me ridiculously long to figure this out but I’ve learned that if something is wrong, the best thing you can do to be on the way to fixing it is to talk about it with someone. Whether it be about some little thing that’s bugging me or a big life decision, talking about it somehow calms me down and helps me think logically. Having someone to talk to about anything is probably one of the best tools in any life lesson toolbox. 

Today’s pump up tune: Marching bands by neon dreams ft kardinal offishall


-walk 15 minutes 

-walk 7 minutes 

-run 20 minutes 

Food and exercise tracking done with

Under Armour
My Fitness Pal


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