Thursday January 19, 2017

(This is a little bit of a mash-up, TBT mixed with some reflection.)

Dear concert-obsessed me, 

Sorry for the ringing ears. I mean I know your ears wouldn’t be ringing as bad if you wouldn’t have been that close to the stage but if you go to a concert you might as well get as close as you can or go home and buy a CD.  

In all honesty this concert mini-obsession thing is probably your worst money vice; and luckily for you, you can 100% blame mom for this. I remember hearing about all the concerts she went to before I was born, even when she was pregnant (so I’ve been obsessed for literally my whole life) and even the ones she goes to now.  

Never regret these moments. Some of the most fun moments of your life happened at concerts. Like that time you went to Justin Timberlake and danced all night long. Or the time you went to Hoodie Allen and your equally concert obsessed cosmic twin caught one of the drum sticks. Or the time you went to Taylor Swift…twice. All of these moments are priceless. All of these moments gave you irreplaceable memories and feelings. The sheer joy and excitement you felt in those moments are something I hope you never forget. 

So the next time that band you need to see comes to town (or lets face it, comes within driving distance), but that ticket, dance your feet numb, scream your voice off, fangirl your heart out, and have an amazing time. 


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