Day 21: Saturday January 21, 2017 

Love me the weekend. These weekends just go by way too fast; I really think we need to make the three-day weekend a thing.  

Today wasn’t the best day for me though. I really wasn’t feeling well all day. I’ve had a migraine all day and it’s just not letting up. It was so bad that I felt it all the way down my spine. Needless to say, that really put a damper on my desire to workout.  

But I made sure to at least do something today. I had to get errands done so I made sure to go out and get my food for the week. I also made sure to get in a good walk. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t as fast as usual but it felt good.  

Since I wasn’t productive workout wise, I wanted to be productive work wise. I made sure to crank through all my emails and getting plans ready for other posts throughout the week; and that felt good.  

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day to crank out a good workout, just need this stupid headache to go away. 

Today’s Lesson 

Today was important to take care of myself. I knew it would have made things worse if I would have worked out so I made sure to take the day off and not push myself. I got in a walk just to get some cardio but nothing strenuous that could have actually made things worse. In the long run, one day off can actually help me not need to take more days off later on.  


-walk 30 minutes 


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