Day 22: Sunday January 22, 2017

I’m getting sick, again. I can feel it. I’m getting that icky, muscle ache feeling all over. That means time to drink tons of water and tea. I want to see if I can get ahead of this thing and ward it off before it gets full-fledged and gets me really sick.  

I’m also going to be a really boring person and go to bed early. I’m hoping if I get extra sleep, in combination with turning my bloodstream into green tea, that’ll give this cold/flu thing the message and it’ll back off.  

Since I feel like human garbage I decided to be light on the workout today. I just wanted to make sure I did a little something to get in even a little bit of activity. 

This week I am hoping to get some much needed relaxing reading in. I’ve neglected my reading so much lately and I miss it. Hopefully I can figure out a way to manage everything to even get just ten minutes of reading in a day. We shall see. 

Today’s Lesson 

Today’s lesson is to get some rest. Too often I work too hard for too long and make myself sick from that and neglecting to take care of myself. Today was different. Today I made sure to listen to my body and give it the rest it was asking for. Now hopefully in return it will be nice to me and not get me any sicker.  


-50 calf raises

-20 donkey kicks per leg

-20 fire hydrants per leg

-3 minute sprint 

100 crunches 

-100 heel touches 

-50 reverse crunches 


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