Day 23: Monday January 23, 2017

So all that hard work of chugging enough green tea for a lifetime was for naught. For some reason that evil bug that’s invading everywhere decided it wants to be my bosom buddy.  

On the upside, I didn’t feel like death until the end of the day so I at least got my work day in. And since it was Monday the day totally flew by, making it even better. 

Since I really got sick fast today I didn’t workout. I walked to and from work so got about 25 minutes of cardio in so that is better than nothing and I’ll take that. 

Hopefully tonight I’ll get good sleep, be good in the morning, or at least by Wednesday. Then I can get back to the grind and crank out an awesome workout. Until then I need sleep, or a new body. 

Today’s Lesson

Today’s lesson is to not ignore your body and what it’s saying. My body is getting very mad at me today and I know I need to listen to it. I know again if I push myself I’ll just make things worse. I did get my walk to and from work in and although not a lot of exercise, for how I’m feeling today I’ll let it count and be happy with my effort. 

Today’s bus tune: Surprise Party by Hoodie Allen ft Blackbear (ps Hoodie is always the best guilty pleasure) 


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