Day 24: Tuesday January 24, 2017

So today, unfortunately, has been a workout write-off. I’ve been sleeping all day since I took the day off sick.  

Since I feel like a garbage truck I didn’t workout today. Honestly I hardly moved at all, my step counter is probably legitimately concerned right about now. But I’m guessing less movement is what I needed today since I slept so much. Obviously my body needed the time to rest, recuperate, and recharge. 

I could tell I was seriously sick when I checked my social media after a nap. I looked and noticed I’d posted my Wednesday content today (wow, I know, days of the week shouldn’t be that hard). So between naps I fixed that and tried not to mess up anything else. I also know I’m not feeling so hot since I hardly ate anything today. It’s been bland carbs and only bland carbs. No food seems appealing to me, which for me only ever happens when I’m sick. 

Here’s hoping my stupid body gets the memo and gets better asap. I am not a fan of missing work (hello it’s where the $ is). Hopefully one more night of sleep is going to get me where I need to be to get back up and ready to work, and workout tomorrow. 

Today’s stuck in bed and pick-me-up jam: 


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