Woman Crush Wednesday 5: Iliza Shlesinger

I’m always in the mood for a good laugh. And I get excited when I come across one I haven’t heard of before and they Turk out to be gold. A perfect example of this is Iliza Shlesinger.  

This woman is the definition of hilarious. Her comedy is basically a comedic look inside the struggles of being a woman. I watch her comedy specials and they’re always so poignant and accurate it’s perfect.  

What I find most funny are her dating horror stories. Any woman who watched these specials will recognize the stories. Whether it’s out at a bar, at the movies, or just at home, all the specific little nuances she describes in each of these “bad date” situations are absolute gold.  

So for all my fellow romance wrecks out there, if you need a good laugh to feel like you aren’t the only one whose romantic life is a total mess, just turn on Netflix and watch Illiza and it won’t seem as bad, promise (and yes I say this in pjs, watching a Netflix special of her’s after coming home from a horrible date).

Facebook: Iliza Shlesinger
Twitter: @iliza
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ilizas


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