Day 27: Friday January 27, 2017

Feel Like Crap Friday

And today closes out the week of the sickness that won’t disappear. Yet another day of my stomach having a nonstop bouncy castle jumping party. I’m hoping tomorrow it will decide its fed up and move on and leave me alone. 

Food Fumble 

Because my stomach is still not back to normal my food intake these last few days has definitely been off par. Since I’ve been so nauseous I’ve been going for bland foods and carbs. I have been trying to stay hydrated with a ton of water and tea so at least that’s good, right?

Wishing for Workouts

I really want to get back to normal so I can workout again. Even if I just start out slow, do some cardio and weights, it’ll just be nice to get back into it. Even though it’s only been four days, I miss the accomplishment and good feeling from those ever so lovely endorphins. 

Build Up the Business 

I’m working hard on the business end of things. I’m always looking for areas I can work in to build up my knowledge base and gain new experiences. These experiences can only help me to better my business once I start on it. I’m working slowly and step by step I’m going in the right direction. 

Today’s Lesson

Today’s lesson is to not lose sight of the big picture. This week I’ve been unable to keep up my fitness plan the way I’ve wanted. Although I’ve been off my game this week I know what I’m working towards. Since I know what I want I just need to stay focused on the big picture and keep working towards my goal in any way I can. 


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