Day 29: Sunday January 29, 2017

The stupid bug seems to have finally decided to call it quits. It’s the first day in a week that my stomach doesn’t feel like it’s holding a boxing match; and I am very happy about that. 

Since I was feeling better I decided to wade back into my workout. Since it’s been a week I didn’t want to overdo it so I started my weight training with lighter weights than I usually do. I figured I can workout at this lighter weight for a few days to get back into it and build up my strength and not worry about overdoing it and hurting myself right out of the gate. It felt awesome getting back into the swing of things though that’s for sure. Hopefully now I can get back on track and keep the momentum going. 

I got to read today too, which for a bookworm like me, was an absolute treat. I’m really going to try and schedule in time every day to read. Even if it’s ten or fifteen minutes it’ll be my little wind down relax time. 

Today’s Lesson 

Take the little moments as they come and learn to appreciate them. Even though it’s just sitting down to read a good book, it’s something I really do cherish. With days so busy and hectic it can get hard to find time to do things that aren’t specifically on my “to do” list either as house work, fitness, or work related things to do. Now I’ll try and make sure to include that “me time” section on my “to do” list and see how it goes. 


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